Different “Trumpets”


Another instrument very similar to the trumpet is the flugelhorn. Originally from Germany, the flugelhorn resembles a trumpet with its valves, bell, mouthpiece and slides, but it more conical and has a wider bore, giving it a darker sound. The flugelhorn easy for trumpet players to switch to, as its length is the same as the trumpet, making it a Bb instrument with the same key series as the common Bb trumpet. In pieces where the range of a trumpet is required, but the composer would prefer a less strident sound, the flugelhorn often replaces the trumpet or is added in as a separate part altogether.

The cornet is a sort of middle point between the trumpet and the flugelhorn. Its bore is entirely conical, which accounts for the mellow sound as opposed to the cylindrical-bored, which has a more penetrating sound. The cornet is most commonly used in European brass bands and concert bands. Its use in jazz has declined in favor of the trumpet. 



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