The Baroque Trumpet

Possibly one of the most important times for trumpet, the Baroque era gave rise to a new way to use the once-crude trumpet that most disregarded as sounding harsh and unmusical. Baroque soloists made beautiful music on the trumpet for the first time on a massive scale. Trumpet players were lauded and revered by the public, and a guild was founded to keep the secrets of playing trumpet only for the elite. Composers often wrote solos specifically for an individual player, such as Bach writing solos for Gottfried Reiche. Composers did this because the secret was so heavily guarded that only a few possessed the technique necessary to reach the baroque trumpets full potential, including range, tone, and accuracy on pitches. Without a doubt, the hardest part about playing the baroque (or “natural”) trumpet was the difficulty of accurately producing pitches in the upper range of the instrument. Those few who could do this reliably and still produce a great tone were as famous as pop stars are today for their beautiful and powerful playing.

A baroque style trumpet



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