Herald of Events

For its entire history, the trumpet has been the herald of kings and war alike. However, he actual sound that an army or a court would have heard has only recently been homogenized into a standard “trumpet” sound. It is important to note that until recently, a “trumpet” was an instrument that you could buzz into in order to make a loud sound, which was generally pitched a certain way for different messages. There were trumpets made out of horns from animals, such as the ram’s, and more common ones made out of bronze and silver. These trumpets were not made in the fashion we know today:

A newer trumpet

They were much more simplistic in nature and used mostly to communicate on the battlefield or announce important events. These kinds of uses only needed a few pitches, so the older trumpets looked something like this:

Older trumpets used in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians primarily used trumpets to intimidate the enemy, raise morale, and possibly direct troop movements. As is evidenced by the shape and craftsmanship of the trumpets, they did not serve well as musical instruments, and the trumpet only much later came to be recognized as a source of music.


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